Sunderkand Path every Saturday from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM followed by Preeti Bhoj (Sponsor by Devotees)Thursday, April 19, 2018


To Sponsor Sunderkand

     ** Please invite all your friends and family **

      ( You can cook anything from home without garlic and onion - ex: 150 people) 

(IMPORTANT : We can help you to cook ONLY Khichdi, Vegetables Sabji and buttermilk at your home from volunteer help if possible.)


-    Moong (Green) Daal Chilke Wali or Yellow split moong Daal or Oily Toovar Daal - 8 LBS (Please clean) Important : Check sample at Temple

-    Super Patna rice (Not Basmati and please clean) 8 LBS and Butter 4 LBS



  - Potatoes Big 50 Lbs and 20 Lbs Big egg plants, 4 Crushed tomato can (796 ML)

- 2 big or 3 if small bunch green coriander (Dhania) - Cut small and wash/dry

-  Fresh green chilli crushed (20 to 25 pcs) and 1LB bottle fresh ginger paste.

Red chilli, Haldi (yellow), Garam masala, Dhania powder,Mustard seeds(Rai),Whole Dry methi , Cumin seed (Jeeru) all items 200GM/ Salt -2KG / Dry Red chilli about 10 pieces / Gur (Jaggery) / 3 Litre cooking oil


-  16 Litre Homo milk (4- 4 Litre bag) (Make yogurt on Friday night and bring to temple on Saturday to make butter milk).

(Roast 100GM Cumin seed (Jeera Powder) for butter milk and some salt)

               **To sponsor SUNDERKAND please pay $160.00 Total include clean

        all utensils, washrooms and supply all necessary cutlery from Temple.

                  The receipt will be issued for only $101.00 - income tax purpose.

       ( For any reason if cleaning person don't come than sponsor to clean Utensils)


Sponsor Responsibilities  : 

Remove garbage from the everywhere and take it to the big garbage bin at back of the temple, Vacuum inside temple on carpet.


Sunderkand Path Every Saturday. If you would like to Sponsor Sunderkand Path please contact Committee member(s) for next available date